Access to Casa Mymy

Access by bus from Santa Cruz:bus-santa cruz-access

There is only one public bus coming to Los Pargos/Playa Negra. Leaving from Santa Cruz at 11;30 am or 5:30 pm every day except sunday (11:30 am only), Playa Negra is the final stop.

Ask the driver to stop in front of La Pizzeria la Vida Buena.

Casa Mymy is at the end of the small path lined with stones, at 50m

Santa Cruz ⇒ Los Pargos/Playa Negra : 1h30 – 1.300 colones

  Monday to Saturday Sunday
Santa Cruz –> Playa Negra 11:30 AM & 5:30 PM 11:30 AM
Playa Negra –> Santa Cruz 05:30 AM & 01:30 PM 05:30 AM

How to get to Santa Cruz?

From San José: take one of the Alfaro buses at the bus terminal “siete-diez”. there are many buses per day and they are very convenient. Ask “Santa Cruz por puente”. Approximately 5 hours

Santa Cruz por Puente 7 AM , 9:45 AM , 11 AM , 2 PM , 4:30 PM , 7 PM ₡5.425

from Liberia , buses run every 30mn. One out of two make a stop at Liberia airport. It costs approximately $2 and will take you  40mn

Access from Tamarindo by bus:

This is a tricky one for adventurous travelers who can speak a little bit of spanish.

It consists in taking a bus to Santa Cruz and asking the driver to drop you at Caña Fistula or San Francisco de Coyote.

Then you will have to catch the bus coming from Santa Cruz and going to Playa Negra.

I would recommend to catch the 11:30 bus during the day rather than at night!

Access from Tamarindo by shuttle:

The company “Avellanas Express” will take you twice a day from Tamarindo to Playa Negra, every day except on Mondays

Avellanas express; 40mn – $20 round trip; $15 one way; surf board transportation free

  High season (dec. – apr.) Low season (May – Nov.)
Tamarindo –> Playa Negra 10 am & 2 pm /
Playa Negra –> Tamarindo 11 am & 3 pm /

Ask the driver to stop before he turns to the beach of Playa Negra. Casa Mymy is 20m ahead on your right.

During low season, the shuttle stops at Playa Avellanas. You can easily hitchhike or you can ask for a taxi ($10)


Access by Taxi

From/to Santa Cruz or Tamarindo : 40mn – $30 TO $35
From/to Libéria airport : 1h20 – $100

Pick up can be organized for you. Please just ask me!


Access by car

  • From NICOYA drive to Santa Cruz – 27 de Abril – Paraiso – Playa Negra
  • Coming from TAMARINDO, you can either drive to Pinilla – Avellanas – Playa Negra or drive to 27 de abril, Paraiso, Playa Negra. The second option is a bit longer but the road is better!
  • Arriving from LIBERIA AIRPORT drive 1hs to Santa Cruz city – 27 de Abril, Paraiso, Playa negra


Leaving Casa Mymy

There are 2 buses per day going from Playa Negra to Santa Cruz; at 5:30 am and at 1:30 pm. From Santa Cruz, you can connect to

  • Liberia and Liberia airport,
  • Nicoya if you are going to Nosara or Samara,
  • San José and San José airport…

No need to stop in Tamarindo if you are not willing to. More details on site!